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First time skiing in over three years. Thanks Switzerland for the excellent conditions.

Time for a walk and then game time! #sb48 #GoHawks

View from the office. #GoHawks #whosgonnawin

I see so many friends posting these types of Sherman behind the scenes articles and sadly I’m resigned to think that the majority of those who turned to hate and racially fueled responses to Sherman’s tirade are of the same cloth that don’t bother to look past the 10 second sound bite and try to understand the deeper layers of the story. While I don’t necessarily condone his actions last night (or most of the season), if I look at it in a different light I start to see someone who can balance the boundaries between athletics, artistry and entertainment and elevate some of the absurdity of sport into almost satirical levels. Am I giving him too much credit or do I see some flashes brilliance akin to WWE or dare I say Andy Kaufman?

Post-Halloween pumpkins on their way to the slaughter.

Party time! @TheLittleCakes

Pipes of deep sorrow - Memories of twelve years past - We never forget

Enchanting clear day - But on other side of glass - Silently I type

Tastes like chicken!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Dim-sum. So yum.

Lazy Saturday